Spring Cleaning Round-Up

The weather is getting warmer. That means that you will want to hit the road more often. Make sure that your car is ready for spring driving. At Puklich Chevrolet Buick GMC, we have created this handy spring care car guide to help get your car ready for spring. Here are 10 tips to help you make your car look its best.

1). Professionally Detail the Vehicle’s Exterior

Chances are that lots of debris gathered on your vehicle during the winter months. After all, who really takes the time to have their vehicle professionally cleaned during the winter months? Well, now that it is spring, you will want to make sure that your car gets a good cleaning.

We recommend that you have your vehicle professionally detailed. That is because a professional detailer will be able to clean areas of your vehicle that you may miss. Over the winter, there is lots of road deposits that build up under the vehicle and within certain creases. A good professional detailer will be able to catch all of that hidden debris.

2). Wax the Vehicle’s Exterior

After your car has been professionally detailed, you will want to protect your vehicle’s paint. That’s because the road will not be kind to your vehicle’s exterior. Everything from bug splatters to road dirt can damage the paintwork. That’s why we recommend that you have your vehicle’ waxed.

Besides making your vehicle shine, wax does an excellent job of protecting your vehicle’s paint over an extended period of time. In fact, when you have your vehicle waxed, you will be able to go about two or three months before its next waxing.

3). Clean the Cabin Vents

Did you know that your cabin vents can get really dirty over time? In fact, there may be lots of dust, dirt, and other debris hiding in your vents that could adversely affect the air quality in your vehicle’s cabin. That’s why you will want to take your vehicle into a service center for a ventilation cleaning.

After you have your vents cleaned, you will be surprised by the improved quality of the air in your cabin. You will not only enjoy your drives, you will have healthier air for both you and your occupants.

4). Shampoo and Deep Clean the Carpeting

After you have taken care of the exterior and the vents, you will also want to take care of the carpeting inside your vehicle. During the winter, the carpeting can become especially dirty since you may be tracking in snow, mud, and dirt. Additionally, carpets can trap dust and other debris that can reduce the air quality inside your vehicle.

it is recommended that you have the carpeting shampooed and deep cleaned. After all, you may only be doing this once or twice a year. A great hack is to use baking soda during the deep cleaning to give the carpeting a fresh smell.

5). Organize Items in Your Vehicle

Chances are that you have lots of items in your vehicle. Well, you want to make sure that you don’t have loose items running around in the footwells. This is not just an organization issue. You don’t want any items to potentially roll under your vehicle’s pedals.

One of the best ways to organize the items in your vehicle is to get some sort of organizer. For instance, you can get seatback organizers and cargo nets to help keep everything in order. We offer accessories that will work great for your vehicle’s organization.

6). Remove Any Salt Deposits

Did you know that salt deposits can rush out your vehicle’s body panels and other components over time? Chances are that the roads in your area are treated with salt to help melt the snow and absorb moisture. Well, the salt can end up trapped in your vehicle. Make sure that you check in the well wheels and under the vehicle for any salt deposits and have them removed.

7). Inspect and Replace the Cabin Air Filter

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you have clean air inside your cabin is to have the cabin air filter replaced. Usually, a cabin air filter will last anywhere from 15,000 to 30,000 miles. During your spring cleaning, you should inspect and, if needed, replace the cabin air filter.

8). Remove Extra Weight from Trunk

Did you know that extra weight in your vehicle can lower its fuel economy? That’s why it is important to remove any weight that you do not need in your vehicle. Be sure to check your trunk for any items in there that you don’t need.

Once you have removed the items, you can put it in a storage bin and keep the bin in your garage or in a storage closet.

9). Clean Engine Bay

Also, be sure to inspect the engine bay. There is lots of dirt and debris that can get trapped under the hood of your vehicle. If you have your vehicle professionally detailed, then you may be able to arrange to have your engine bay cleaned. However, it is possible to clean the area in your engine yourself.

You can use a hose or a pressure washer to clean out any dirt and debris that has built up in the engine bay. At this time, you may also want to inspect the belts and hoses to make sure that they are in working order.

10). Inspect and Replace the Windshield Wipers

Finally, take a look at your vehicle’s windshield wipers. If the wipers have peeling rubber or if they are bent in any way, then they should be replaced. A good pair of windshield wipers will allow you to have better viability during challenging weather.

Get Your Car Ready for Spring

Now is the time to make your vehicle ready for spring driving. If you need any help getting your car ready for spring, then be sure to visit our service center at Puklich Chevrolet Buick GMC today.