Benefits of Buying Certified Pre-Owned

When customers typically think of purchasing vehicles, they tend to envision buying either brand-new cars or used cars that have seen their fair share of usage. Many customers buy new vehicles because they want the latest features that vehicles have to offer and don’t want to take the risks that can be associated with buying used vehicles. In contrast, many customers buy used vehicles because they don’t want to lose large amounts of money during their vehicle purchases. While all of these points are very valid, there is a third category of vehicles that are offered by a variety of dealerships; certified pre-owned vehicles. Certified pre-owned vehicles provide some of the best qualities that both new and used vehicles have to offer. Certified pre-owned vehicles are used vehicles. However, certified pre-owned vehicles are well-inspected and backed by manufacturers for quality assurance, unlike the majority of used vehicles on the market.


Minimal Depreciation

When a customer buys a brand-new car, it will begin to depreciate rapidly within its first two years off of the dealership’s lot. This is usually the biggest gripe that new-vehicle buyers have, and a problem that is solved by buying a vehicle used. Certified pre-owned vehicles and used vehicles typically have already experienced their depreciation after the original owners took ownership of the vehicles, allowing customers to purchase the vehicles for fractions of their original costs. Unlike with many used vehicles, however, certified pre-owned vehicles are not too old and are usually equipped with some of the newest technologies and features.


Stringent Criteria

Certified pre-owned vehicles need to meet a variety of important criteria before they are accepted into a certified pre-owned program. These criteria typically limit the vehicles to a certain age, specify the maximum mileage that the vehicles can have, and prohibit vehicles that have been involved in collisions from being accepted into the certified pre-owned program. Some certified pre-owned programs accept vehicles that have experienced damage from minor collisions, while other programs may not include vehicles that have been in collisions at all. If a dealership doesn’t accept a vehicle into its certified pre-owned program, then they may sell the vehicle with their used vehicle inventory.


Certified Inspection

Once a vehicle has met the minimum requirements that a dealership has set for vehicles that can be included in its certified pre-owned program, the vehicle will then need to undergo a multi-point inspection. The multi-point inspection is carried out by numerous technicians at the dealership and is performed to determine the overall condition of the vehicle. During the inspection, technicians check the conditions of various systems around the vehicle, making sure that each system is working properly. Any possible issues with the vehicle are carefully noted by the dealership’s technicians and addressed if necessary. 


Manufacturer-Backed Warranty

One of the biggest advantages to buying certified pre-owned vehicles instead of used vehicles, aside from the multi-point inspection, is the manufacturer warranty that is provided for certified pre-owned vehicles. There are a variety of warranties that are offered by manufacturers for certified pre-owned vehicles. Some manufacturer warranties cover specific components of the vehicles, while others can cover the entire vehicle. Make sure to inquire about what warranty is offered for your certified pre-owned vehicle before you complete your purchase.


Additional Programs and Promotions

Certified pre-owned vehicles are sometimes offered with additional discounts, especially when new inventory is on the way. Special programs, like roadside assistance, can also be offered with certified pre-owned vehicles. Manufacturers also tend to make certified pre-owned vehicles more attractive by offering their own sets of amenities and luxuries. These specialties all depend on the dealer and manufacturer that is offering the vehicle, so verify with your chosen dealer before you make your next purchase.


Why Choose Certified Pre-Owned?

Certified pre-owned vehicles offer numerous advantages that make them worth looking for. If you aren’t fully ready to purchase a new vehicle or don’t want to take the risk of purchasing a problematic used vehicle, then certified pre-owned vehicles are excellent options for you. Consider still having a pre-purchase inspection done on your vehicle of choice if you are purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle. Visit us at Puklich Valley City to view our diverse selection of vehicles. We have a variety of vehicles in our inventory for you to choose from and will be happy to help you find your next certified pre-owned vehicle.