2021 GMC Sierra 1500 Technology and Safety Highlights

21 Sierra 1500

When you look at the 2021 GMC Sierra 1500, you see a pickup that looks capable of getting the job done on any terrain. What’s not so obvious are all the tech and safety advances contained within. If you want to know which of the following features go with which trim levels, please contact us at Puklich Valley City.

Pro-Grade Trailering

To make pulling a trailer easier, the 2021 GMC Sierra includes an In-Vehicle Trailering App that lets you define up to five custom trailer profiles, monitor trailer tire pressure, and temperature, go through step-by-step pre-departure checklists, check trailer mileage and fuel economy, receive maintenance reminders, and activate a Trailer Light Sequence for testing. 

These functions are duplicated on the myGMC Mobile App, which syncs the data so that you always have the latest information whether using the dashboard or your smartphone.

Viewing Tech

To make driving and trailering more convenient, the 2021 GMC Sierra offers up to 15 camera views such as the following:

  • HD Surround Vision shows virtual top-down views of what’s around you to make type maneuvers easier.
  • Bed View with Zoom and Hitch Guidance gives you a close-up of the receiver hitch so that you can align it to a compatible trailer with a conventional hitch. The Hitch Guidance Lines help when you back the trailer into a spot.
  • Jackknife Alert monitors the position between the trailer and the vehicle to warn you if you are in a potential jackknife situation.
  • The available Rear Trailer View is mounted on the back of a compatible trailer to show you what is going on behind the trailer.
  • The Rear Camera Mirror projects a less obstructed view of what’s behind you on the rearview mirror, which can also switch to a traditional rearview mirror.
  • The Rear Side View reveals a split view of the right and left sides of your truck and the trailer.


To keep you in the know, the GMC Infotainment System contains an intuitive interface that appears on a multicolor touchscreen measuring up to 8 inches diagonally. Available navigation gives you turn-by-turn directions to your destination. You can get satellite entertainment that gives you over 200 channels of commercial-free music, live pro-sports, and exclusive celebrity talk.


Wireless connections to your compatible smartphone encourage you to make phone calls, access text messaging, a play your favorite tunes while you are still on the road. The available 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot ensures that you stay connected to the Internet with up to seven devices while you’re still on the road.

Between the dashboard and gauges and behind the steering wheel, is the 8-inch Digital Driver Information Center pictures such information as safety alerts, phone, audio, and trailer.

You’ll keep your focus on the road when the 15 Inch diagonal Head-up Display projects information such as speed, safety alerts, audio, and navigation on the windshield in front of you.


sierra 1500

Protecting your journeys in the 2021 GMC Sierra are the following driver assists:

  • Available Adaptive Cruise Control puts a safe gap between you and the next vehicle by automatically changing your speed based on current traffic conditions. You can adjust the gap time in seconds using the Following Distance Indicator.
  • Available Front and Rear Park Assist lets you know how close you are getting to obstacles in the front and the back with audible signals as you try to park.
  • Available Automatic Emergency Braking functions with Forward Collision Alert tells you if you’re about to hit the next vehicle. If you do not respond appropriately, it can step on the brakes at speeds below 50 mph.
  • Available Teen Driver Technology lets you limit speed and audio volume while turning on safety features to encourage good driving habits in your youngest drivers. After the trips, you can examine an in-vehicle report card to determine how well they drove and where they need additional coaching.
  • The available Safety Alert Seat vibrates at the left, right, or both sides of the seat bottom, enabling you to feel the direction of a hazard rather than just hear about it.
  • Available Intellibeam headlamps switch between high beams and low at night depending on whether traffic is approaching.